Ashley Ryerson

My oldest daughter

Fall 1984 to July 25th, 2oo2

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As a boy, almost 4o years ago I can remember watching JFK riding on a 2 wheel artillery caisson to his final resting place. Obviously not as fancy but this is Ashley caisson on the way to her final resting spot  in a little shady valley about 150 feet or so in the front of our home.

The one man funeral precession arrives just 9o seconds it after start. Behind Ashley's caisson is the grave digger's (me) tool already finished making Ashley's final resting spot.

Here U can see Ashley at piece resting quietly. Actually she was almost 19 years old n had a nice life up until last fall when she became blind n deaf.

Ashley in her permanent sleep.

The brown spot in the lower left portion of the foto is her final spot, hope she likes it.