60 Years Later
Pearl Harbor
Re Visited
December 5th, 2oo1

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I haven't had the opportunity to fly since September 11th and was actually wondering how I would feel about returning to the now un friendly skies when the moment came for me to jet off some place.  When I realized I was woken up by the noise of the flight crew adding full power for the take off run out of Newark, guess I  wasn't too concerned.

On the morning December 7th, 1941, my dad was in his early 20s and on watch all the previous Saturday night into Sunday morning. It was a un eventful watch he tells me. He had just finished up wrapping his mother's Christmas present n was putting it away when the first wave of Japanese aircraft started disturbing the piece n quiet of that until than a picture perfect December morning in paradise.

My dad's ship was docked only a few thousand yards across the main Pearl Harbor channel to n from the Pacific.  His was a small but mighty important ship, the USS Tern, formally called the  AM 31. The AM stands for Auxiliary Mine Sweeper. Obviously with out mine sweepers acting as bait for the larger ships clearing the path thru lethal waters, the big notorious ships like the Arizona face just one more danger as the traverse the mine laden seas of  a world at war.

My dad is now 83, retired from the Navy in 1959 after some 22 years, than retired from the US Postal Service after 20 years. I had been planing this trek w/my dad for months but gave up in the idea since I could not find any one to take care of my mum who's lungs finally gave out after years of cigarettes. Than out of the blue, just last Friday someone popped into our life that could spend a few days with my mum as I took my dad to be at Pearl Harbor exactly 60 years after the start of the Pacific part of W.W.II.

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