60 Years Later
Pearl Harbor
Re Visited
December 6th, 2oo1

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Well, it is 06:10am Hawaiian time, my dad is in the shower. The foto. below was taken just after we arrives at HNL (the Honolulu airport).

What a trip, my dad has been loosing his memory for years n is always quite confused after he wakes up. So explaining to him why he just woke up in a 767 about to land in Honolulu was a challenge. I could go on n on with the day's challenges but all n all, as the old song says, " he ain't heavy, he's my brother", so in this occasion, he's my dad, he ain't heavy.

One funny thing, when he did remember why we were going to Hawaii, he looks over at me n said "I thought just U n I were going to Hawaii, what are all these other people comming along for?" Wow......

Ok, gonna connect my laptop up with the hotel fone ($.75 per call) n try to load this up to the InterNet n check my eM. If I am successful, I should have a few Pearl Harbor fotos for tomorrow....

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