60 Years Later
Pearl Harbor
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December 5th, 2oo1
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In 2 days from now, it will be exactly 6o years since my dad was a young man standing the night watch on the bridge of the USS Tern which was moored across the channel from battle ship row on that faithful day so far did live in infamy.

It is now 0921, my dad n I are sitting in the boarding lounge of the Newark NJ airport waiting to board our United Airlines 757 for the first leg of our trek to HNL (Honolulu's airport). In just a little less than an hour, we zooming off so we both can be in Pearl Harbor this Friday morning to commemorate and honor the men n woman that gave their life's that day during the sneak attack.

This is a close up of the cap my dad is wearing in the above foto. He n I were both a luck guy that Sunday morning. U too are also a in direct benefactor of his luck that day, if he had ended up as one of the casualties, there would not be the SHnPGIE web site you are reading this on now.

If I have time (only can afford the time n money to be away for 5 days) I will add a few  of the more memorable fotos I may take n perhaps a few of  my thought I am bound to have on the 60th anniversary in the next few days.

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