New Pizza Parlor
Eats n Sweet's
 March 18th, 2oo1

A room mate of mine from my hippie days recently reminded me that way back when in the mid 70s I had mentioned to him a few times that my Master Plan was to one day be self employed n have a Ice Cream n Pizza Parlor combo biz. As they say, B careful for what you wish, U may just end up being stuck with.

At the ripe old age of 51.5 I find my self needing to add an additional source of income to my present operation. Personally I would prefer to be weaning my self from the food n ice cream biz, but, why should my life go as planned when most every one else's life does not go according to the master plan.

Any way, just for fun, below is a foto record of creating a pizza parlor. Personally I have learned that as years pass n I forget about things, it is fun to look at the fotos, so actually this record is for my :) in a few years when this is all over n just another chapter in my life, just a set of fotos to look back on, "just for nice" as the Pennsylvania Dutch would say..............

Foto construction album starts below by clicking on Page 1.

Pizza Page 1   Pizza Page 2    Pizza Page 3

Pizza Page 4   Pizza Page 5    Pizza Page 6

Pizza Page 7   Pizza Page 8    Pizza Page 9

Pizza Page 10  Pizza Page 11   Pizza Page 12

Pizza Page 13  Pizza Page 14  Pizza Page 15