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Pizza ovens are expensive so we decided to recycle one from a Pizza Parlor that lost it's lease. This foto of our Jetta was taken Thursday morning March 8th, 2oo1 in Troy NY just after loading up the 1387 lb - 628 kilo Bakers Pride Y 6oo Stone Hearth beast of an oven on my utility trailer for the 19o mile/3o5 km trek south to Eats n Sweets in the Poconoes.

Above n below are fotos taken of  EnS's dinning room on Friday, March 9th, 2oo1 .

As you can see, we are preparing an area in a portion of the dining room for the Pizza Parlor by moving walls and benches. Not a big job but not a little one either.

End of the day, Monday, March 12th 2oo1
Busy day 2day (Monday, March 12th, 2oo1) at the Pizza Parlor,
got lots done 2day but still lots to do.
This foto was taken at the end of the day just before we quit work for the day.

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