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Monday March 19th, 2oo1 was a productive day. Looking at the two fotos below U may notice the difference. What in the last page looked like a beginnings of a closet now is beginning to resemble a Pizza Oven cubby hope 2 B......


Bob Fisk (my carpenter friend) n I also got a shelf up over the service counter in order that we could finish making a an attachment to an existing vertical post hopefully would allow us to remove a new but hopefully temporary vertical support U C in the far left of the foto.

If all goes as planed we will be abel to remove both vertical support U C in the left of
the above foto. By doing this it will end up helping us maintain the open n airy feeling of the entire SMALL area (I hope).

One more little bit of tricky n time consuming engineering/construction today. The large portion of the new wall in the foreground was made to be easily removable. This will allow me to easily move in the oven n refrigerators after we finish the carpentry. Also, hopefully in many years to come allow us access to repair, replace and or up date large n heavy equipment with out ripping n tearing the wall down. Just 8 little strategically placed screws allows easy access.

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