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April 3rd, 2oo1

Below, the same day but in the late afternoon U C Noel, the guy that years before was on the other end of a fone number I found in the Yellow Pages under rubber roofing.

Diviten is not rubber but an ashfault product that is actually melted into one big piece over the entire roof.

Here U C Noel with an 1,8oo degree propane torch melting the old n new Diviten around the sheet metal curing that holds up the exhaust fan.

Noel just melts the Diviten over the 6 inch parameter flange of the fan curbing. As Noel goes around, due to the extreme heat, the process goes quite fast as Noel heats n trowels the material into place n seals the seems.

So, by 5:3opm or so the job was done, except for the wiring n aluminizing coat to he painted back over the new Diviten, the exhaust fan is finished. One more chore down, wonder how many more to go? Only time will tell.

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