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April 16th, 2oo1

As they say, into each n every life, a little rain must fall. Well, Saturday the 7th of April the rain fell on the Pizza Project. The guy, Adolfo had some problems with his family that made it not a good time to take a chance at getting ahead, so, he backed out..... Yes, I am a tad bit put back but just B 4 I reopened Eats n Sweets, the business/building Adolfo's Stone Hearth Pizzeria is in I was suddenly fired from my job/security blanket. This was in the spring of 1984 n came just after the little lady that was not only the love of my life than had moved on, She was the vary inspiration n strength to start the ice cream store. So, nothing new but non the less, a set back to say the least.

So, progress is still progressing. But now that the ice cream n fast food biz in the area just to the left of this foto is open, I don't have a lot of time to devote to finish up things as I did B 4 we opened the store (Eats n Sweets, Inc.)

Here U C Michael Carmona adding a few Italian Bueno Vistas to the wall. If  U haven't already been, do go to Italy someday on a un guided road trip, what a lovely lovely country. If U are not wealthy as I also am not, go in the fall or early spring when air fairs are 4 to 5 hundred bucks.   No wonder I am having Michael paint Italian landscapes on wall, it brings back lots of GREAT memories of when I was over checking n out n buying  the CH-7 Angel in 1992 n the CH-7 Kompress in 1997 or 98. If all goes to plan, I intend to surprise the wife with a trip to Venice. Love to fly to London, rent a Jetta Diesel at Heathrow n get lost a couple dozen times trying to find Venice.

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