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April 17th, 2oo1

Here is the Jet once again hooked up to the pick up truck attachment, all loaded n ready to work.

That big ugly things a pizza oven lying on it's back n the chore for tonight, all 1,2oo pounds - 545 kilos of it. In the after noon I called a bunch of friends inviting them to the tip over n than jack up the pizza oven party scheduled for 6pm after most normal people are home from work.

Well, only a few were able to make it, but a few were just enough to do this big  job.

Here U C the boys, Roger Hanna on the left, Bob Keiper kneeling down, my dad standing in the back round n George Wakefield on the right. It was actually quite a scary task to jack up this monster. But with the combined brain power n along with some aging muscles, 2 floor jacks we did it. We took our time (about 1.5 hours) to slowly lift the Bakers Pride Y6oo oven up 36 or so inches n bolted on the legs but we did it with out any problems.

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