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February, 2oo3

This is one of the first fotos I took of the Kuuipster (AKA Kuuipo) on Dec 10th, 2oo2. Kuuipo was a mutt cat I ran into at my sister's store (Growers) in New Foundland Pa.......

Growers is a garden supply type store. Just one look around at my sis's store, which is actually owned n operated jointly by her n her long time boe Nick, one can easily see the place is owned by animal lovers. People often with or with out permission drop off kittens to find homes.

Just a few days before this foto was taken I had stopped at my sis's store for a visit and notice this little kitten sitting on a up turned milk crate just eye level with this nippy (as in bite) 40 pound dog named Sidney. Sidney took a little nip at the kitten and    the     little    guy     didn't even react by raising one hair on his tiny back.  Everything was ok with this little guy no matter want, even a big set of teeth nipping at his nose.

Any way

Last summer I had lost my 19.5 year old oldest daughter Ashley to old age.  So, now that my morning period was about over I was kind of in the market to have a kitten. This little gutsy guy/kitten just may be the man to put up with Nasty Nina our middle child.............

Now don't misunderstand me, Nina is a one of a kind child. However she is the most loveable n most nasty cat all rapped up in one that I have ever shared my life with. All U need do is just wait 0.5 seconds and her mood can change to that of a "cat eating paint" as my late mum often said.

So if U R a cat lover, surf on to watch the Kuuipanator grow n grow from a kitten to a man n beyond. If U hit the end of the site n wanna continue, just book mark the last page n return in a week or so because Kuuipo tiz a character n I am sure more fotos/pages will just pop out from time to time.

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