It was about 4pm or so on Monday April 28, 2oo3 when the fone rang at work. On the line was a neighbour girl in some what a frantic voice saying "there is a big fire right behind your house" I immediately said, thank you, I will be right over.

Luckily I only work between 3 n 4 miles from home, so it did not take me long to get home. When I got there, wow, my 1000 + foot  driveway was half  full of shiny red fire equipment n fire men all over. I could see them manning the equipment, I could see n hear them in the woods, they were every where.
This foto shows just how close the fire came, 30 to 50 foot (I didn't measure). The house is the white line on the left of the above foto n U easily see the fire was just behind my Jetta 10 or 20 feet.
This foto was taken out my dad's door, we were lucky, not too far away the green stops n the black begins.

Links to two letters go the guilty party (Mr. Jim Harrison).  Letter 1  Letter 2

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