James Harrison
Rd 3 Box 3195
Stroudsburg, Pa 18360

Sir,                                                                                                                    January 29, 2oo4

Concerning your trash pit fire that damaged my property April of 2oo3:

My request to you to have your insurance company contact me has gone un fulfilled.

I believe you will agree that I have been both patient and I have tried to resolve this matter in a country gentleman manor. However, time is a factor for us all.

My thoughts are that you are at least responsible to have all the dead wood (future fuel for the next fire) caused by your out of control trash fire removed from my  property (by a licensed and insured professional).

Please contact me at your earliest convenience with your intentions. Naturally if I do not hear from you in a timely manor I will instruct my lawyer to schedule a court visit and allow the judicial system determine your liabilities and my compensation.


Glenn Ryerson