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The primary reason for SHnPGIE existence is to provide a global meeting place for exchange of information and ideas on the blossoming recreational helicopter hobby.

It has been said many times that you can either learn it the easy way or the hard way. In the case of aviation, often mistakes are lethal and one does not receive a second chance. With the aid of this wonderful WWWeb, we all can learn from each other, if we take the time to share our experiences with one and other.

The second reason for SHnPGIE is purely personal, I am somewhat addicted to helicopters in general. So much so in fact, I have often described helicopters as my form of cocaine, that is, Just as Addicting, Just as Expensive and Just as Lethal.

I personally own and built a CH-7 Angel in the summer of 1994 and wanted to contact other Angel owners. However, I realized, perhaps it would be much more interesting for all if I made a WWWeb site that includes all recreational helicopter, not just my model.

Individuals are invited to post helicopter related item. Just fax, eMail or mail your tasteful text and/or fotos to me via one of the methods described below.

Thank You.

Glenn Ryerson, WebSter @ SHnPGIE

You can contact SHnPGIE via any of the following methods.

Mail Address:
Sport Helicopter & P.G.I.E.
RR 3138 

 Before you read on

Sport Helicopter & Pilot would like to start pages or is requesting more information on the following helicopters from builders, owners and pilots ... See above for info on how to reach us.

UltraSport -- Baby Belle HeliCycle 
RotorWay Exec 
Dragon Fly -- Scorpion 
Brantly B2B
Adams Wilson Choppy

SH&PGIE would also like more information on the  CH-7 Angel and any other helicopter there is an interest in creating pages for.

As you can see, SHnPGIE will be ever changing and growing with the help of others. So please, if you are a hover lover, stop back sometime. Better yet, send us your foto n text contributions.

Thank You
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created October the 23rd, 1996

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