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Kompress Video
No Longer Available
Suggest you contact the manufacture in Italy

Kompress Video For Sale
taken November 14th, 1998 in Alba Italy

Remember, this is a Amateur video, no narration, no fancy dissolves, just 1 & 1/3 hours of action of perhaps what will one day turn out to be the best new/amateur built helicopter of  the decade. The Kompress sure looks like that to me. Humbly I say, 6 years ago I thought the same of CH-7 Angel and was almost 100% right on than, so perhaps now I will be right on with the Kompress too.

The Kompress is one hell of a TESTED  helicopter with over 1,ooo flight hours of testing on 2 proto types n 3,ooo hours of  RnD wrenching to go from the CH-7 Angel to the Kompress before delivery began.

If you can NOT afford the best kit helicopter money can buy (cheapest in the long run), STOP HERE. If you can, start out with this video than make your plans to accompany me back to Italy for 4 or 5 days trip late next spring for a first hand demo flight in the Kompress. However, this will be a low budget excursion (admittedly I am having difficulty affording the best  but the best is often the least expensive)  This video shows the president of  HeliSport flying all day with students, up at altitude...... Consider the competition who's NEVER SEEN out of ground affect (he says this is because his backers dictate prudence, to stupid me, this say his backers don't trust the craft either)..........

Mail $25 USA & Canada, $30 all others (includes S&H) to:

Sport Helicopter nPGIE
RR 3138

Ps Only NTSC/VHS tapes or NTSC 8mm formats available for the above. If you do not specify
.....the format (VHS or 8mm), I will send a VHS tape.


The next day while cruising the back roads trying to get lost in the Italian country side, I  ran across a Hugh 3oo operating out of a  small medieval town square giving rides at a carnival. This square  was small, had a packed carnival at it and had 3 n 4 story brick buildings on all sides. Some amazing footage when one remembers their training days and confined area operations. Unless you tell me not to, I will add this segment at the end of the Kompress video just for the fun of viewing this talented pilot n his brave passengers (watching this dude gave me shivers up my spine from my butt to my noggin). However, rest assured that this Hugh 3oo footage is NOT part of the 1 hour 20 min video of Kompress mentioned above, I am NOT adding filler to get up to the hour + I spoke of in the Kompress Video, I generally just video or photograph all helicopters I run across when ever possible.........