Augusto Cicare, CH-7 Angel, Angel, Glenn Ryerson, Helicopter, Kit helicopter, home helicopter

For Sale
to a good home
Miss Nina - CH-7 Angel
"My Personal Roller Coaster"

Nina's Hours as of Nov. 8, 1999
126.9 safe reliable hours with only minor problems-ALL logged

US registered (N8AB) Happy to crate at my expense
and ship to you world wide at your expense.

If sold domestically, I will be un registered n sell partially dissembled as parts so you can re register, thus qualifying as the Owner/Builder/Mechanic

Price for proven perfection, $34,995
or best offer over $34,994
$42,ooo - $43,ooo invested
If you are licensed, experienced n current in a R22, come fly her, If you are not, come watch me fly her.
However, since I am Self Insured, in order to fly Miss Nina your self, I will need a verifiable cashiers check for the total amount (just in case you make a boo boo with her). Naturally, when you return my helicopter in the same condition as you took it n you decide to not purchase, I will happily hand you your check back immediately.
I am sure you too would want to protect your self  if a stranger wanted to fly your helicopter
and you also were self  insured as I am...

November the 8th, 1999

Serious inquiries ONLY
Glenn Ryerson
telephone in the USA
570-629-2788 home
570-629-2220 work
Many More Fotos of this helicopter can be seen on Miss Nina's Page at
Homer Bell's fly-in this past July of 1999

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4540 @ 9-8