Isabella Maria Luciani
Daughter of
Heather n Bobby Luciani
May 2nd, 2,ooo
2 Weeks Old
Page 6

These foto were taken 2 weeks + - a few minuits after Isabella was born today in Dunmore Pa.

Wouldn't U know it, 2 weeks after Isabella first sees the light of day was dyper change time.

This is my dad, Clifford Ryerson, Isabella's Great Grand dad on Heahters side U C with Isabella n Heahter here.

Isabella's 7th Page

As U know, there is 2 sides to any family,
I would love 2 add some of  the Luciani fotos to Isabella Maria pages.
(I know no one else but Heather in my side of  the family has time/money to waist on  fotos).

If you have digital fotos, just beam them over.
If you have traditional paper fotos just mail them over.
I will scan them n pop them back in the mail 2 U pronto.
Please feel free to include captions to your fotos when U send them.

Sent them to:

Glenn Ryerson
RR 3138
Stroudsburg, PA 19360 USA