Isabella Maria Luciani
Daughter of
Heather n Bobby Luciani
May 16th, 2,ooo
1 Month Old
Page 8

Again 1 month to the minute + or - a few moments my dad, Isabella's Great Grand Dad popped up to Dunmore Pa in his old pick up to deliver my Nikon Cool Pix 95o to Heather.
However, unlike the last time, this time my dad took a few fotos that are keepers. Look at the one above, pretty good for a tecnoclod like my dad.

Ain't She Sweet

N here is pops holding the sleeping beauty.
Isabella Luciani 2 Month Old Page 2 Come Next Month,
same time, same station.

As U know, there is 2 sides to any family,
I would love 2 add some of  the Luciani fotos to Isabella Maria pages.
(I know no one else but Heather in my side of  the family has time/money to waist on  fotos).

If you have digital fotos, just beam them over.
If you have traditional paper fotos just mail them over.
I will scan them n pop them back in the mail 2 U pronto.
Please feel free to include captions to your fotos when U send them.

Sent them to:

Glenn Ryerson
RR 3138
Stroudsburg, PA 19360 USA