Modular Home Project

Well, turns out my parents need an extra hand in the winter of their life. My dad is now 83 n my Mum is 81. Sad to need to report, my Mum smoked for 60 + years, so 2 yrs a go she developed emphysema, lost 90% lung function n has been been ridden ever since. My dad on the other hand is healthy as a horse but is slowly loosing his marbles


My mum seems to have stabilized but my dad seems to be loosing a marble or two each week. My dad situation seemed to delelop rather suddenly so in less than 2 weeks I decided to erect a modular home long/large enough for us all to live on one floor.

Any way, with the above taken in mind it seems the best thing to do (since they don't wanna go to a nursing home) is to have us all live under one roof. This should in theory lengthen the time I can care for them before the inevitable.

So, if  U care to, follow along with the progress by clicking on the button below.