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February 27th, 1997
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The Bride
and a friend
Damaris with a friend
The Wedding Couple and the
Petite Church by the Warm Blue
Pacific Ocean
Glenn n Damaris @ Church on After Wedding
Mr. & Mrs. Ryerson
Glenn n Damaris By the Warm Blue Pacific
Glenn n Damaris By the Warm Blue Pacific in the backround
The Wedding Party n All Attendies
Wedding Party
Left to right
Damion Wong, the Minister - Claton Turnbull, Friend & Videographer
Loke Loni Timosen, Maid of Honor, Hawaiian Lei Maker, Church Decorator &
Hawaiian Wedding Song Singer
Mrs. Damaris Ryerson, Bride - Mr. Glenn Ryerson, Groom
Dale Alan, Best Man/Buddy, Great Hawaiian Helicopter Tour Pilot & Mechanic
Josh Johnson, Still Photographer & Friend

Seems a few people don't understand why my wife Damaris and I have bikini fotos in our wedding album.... There is actually a logical explanation. Damaris in Her Wedding bikini Damaris is from a beach town in South America called Barenquilla. As a girl growing up in a beach environment, Damaris's childhood dream was to be married on the beach in a bikini.

Since almost everyone's wedding day is a day of dreams come true, Damaris mentioned she wanted to get married on the beach in her bikini. That was ok with me, so we made a plan and asked our Hawaiian friends to meet us at Kaloko fishponds at 11am on Thursday February 27th, 1997. The fishponds are part of an ancient Hawaiian fishing village that is now a state or federal park on the island of Hawaii near the town of Kailua Kona.

Would you know it, of all the 40+ days we spent on the Big Island of Hawaii the winter of 1997, the only time it rained during the day was the morning we were to get married. So, we came up with plan B. I had seen this lovely petite church years before and remember comment to my self that if I ever did, this would be the place to do it......Damaris w/ her wedding pario discarded..........

Before long that morning, I had called all my frineds and told them of the new plans, I had been off to St. Pet's main church in Kailua Kona to make a donation in order that we use St. Peters Church in Kahaluu, than back to pick up my bride to be and the both of us off to WalMart for a large pario (giant Polynesian scarf) so Damaris could where her bikini under her red pario in the church. All this between 9 and 11 am.

Any way St. Peters church is a lovely 33 seat church less than 1o feet away from the warm blue Pacific ocean. I am happy it rained that morning, St. Pet's was a lovely place to start our married life.

After the wedding and the normal foto session, Damaris wanted her bikini at the beach wedding fotos, so here are two of them. I told you there was a good reason, good enough for us.

Shoud I or Shoud I NOT
Isn't She Beautiful.

The Flower Leis Loki Made For Us Are Beautiful Arn't They!
A Smile
A Happy Moment in the Ceromy to Lighten Up the Mood by Damian, the Minister.
The Ring of Gold
Sliding the Band of Gold on Her Left Hand

Yup, Can You Believe It?
After 47 Years of BachelorHood
I Finally Did It,
I Lost My Virginity
(to Marriage).
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February 27, 2oo7
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